Managed Business IT Support Solutions

Managed & Outsourced Business IT Support & Services

We have a very comprehensive Managed Business IT Support Solution offering. This service is provided based on the client's needs as set out in a service level agreement. We also offer remote troubleshooting after hours as a free service to all our managed clients. Selecting a tech support partner has never been simpler.

We are a full-service MSP (Managed Service Provider) providing IT solutions across the board. Our highly skilled staff are there around the clock to assist with the hardest IT challenges any business could possibly face.

Outsourced IT Services

We essentially provide you with an entire IT department for a fraction of the cost of hiring actual IT support personnel. This improves your productivity and, effectively, your bottom line. Outsource your company's IT needs to us today and see the difference. Computer support and services made simpler.

Managed IT Support

Onsite & Remote IT Support

We offer best-in-class onsite & offsite/remote tech support at a very competitive price point. This is why many businesses choose Sensys to be their MSP & support partner. We guarantee it will be the best decision you will ever make. Business tech MSP done just right.

Outsource Your Business IT Services

With computers and tech equipment, something almost always goes wrong. You need a partner that will always be on call to deal with any problem that might arise. At TPify Innovative Solutions, we have over the years sired an unsurpassable level of support for our clients. With our managed technology solution, we make sure we are at your premises within the hour and that a parallel system has been put in place to help you get back to what you do best while we sort out the issue at hand. That's our managed Business IT services for you. And this is the reason most businesses outsource their IT needs. We believe that computer support services should not be a hassle. Smooth sailing all the way.

Outsource Your Business IT Support
Remote IT Support

Tech Support Solution For Every Business

We have grown into different industries and have gained valuable knowledge on different IT systems. Therefore, we have a managed IT support solution & business IT service offering that fits every system. Clients get a bespoke month to month maintenance agreement, meaning NO LONG-TERM CONTRACTS for just the perfect service. Just pure smooth sailing while we do our thing. We also have an On-Demand ad hoc IT support structure (for smaller entities and individuals). Our services are top-notch as we strive to make businesses better in every way possible! Our computer support is specifically designed with business continuity in mind. This means little to no downtime during tech disruptions.

Immediate Expert-Level Support

You get the benefit of having experts in every IT field, plus resources, at your disposal at a fraction of the cost of hiring an entire IT department. All without the headache of managing them.

Compliance & Risk Mitigation

With businesses growing at an astronomical scale, certain risk & compliance factors fall through the cracks. We keep you GDPR and POPI compliant, among other forms as well.

Access To Leading Technology

We ensure you do away with the headache of keeping your IT infrastructure & software up-to-date. We provide access to a wide array of the latest technology.

Economy Of Scale

Your business can grow to any size, & we will scale the resources available to you without you having to spend a whole lot more. That's the genius of outsourcing talent.

Predictable Monthly Cost

Knowing how much you spend is key to any business. The predictive nature of an MSP agreement ensures there are no surprises at the end of the month with each invoice.

Productivity Increase

Without having to invest attention in your business's IT needs and problems, employees can get back to doing what they know best. Loss of downtime, gain in productivity.

What We Offer

Our service is tailor-made and all-inclusive. This means a single point of contact and a single fee for all your managed technical needs. We will offer the following and more:

> Maintain and repair existing workstations and servers

> Upgrade workstations and servers purchased by Client as approved by Client

> Move, setup and maintain printers purchased by Client as approved by Client

> Research and recommend hardware and software to be purchased by Client

> Install and configure software purchased by Client

> Uninstall and remove software as directed by Client

> Install and maintain Virus Protection software

> Install and maintain the server backup system

> Ensure that proper firewalls and routers are in place

> Ensure that the server is in a secure environment

> Periodically run software to check for security holes in firewall and network

> Be a technical advisor between Client and Software Vendors

> Install and maintain necessary network cables

> Perform limited training on Client Software applications

> Document and Maintain current and future network and computer environment

> 24/7/365 monitoring of all systems using advanced passive and active tools

> Provide second line support to the client's hardware and software

> and a whole lot more...

Complementary & Value-Added Services

All our managed clients get the benefit of the following services as free add-ons. The value is incredible!:

Business VoIP Telephony - FREE

Complimentary VoIP platform. All you need are VoIP handsets - which we will gladly provide if you do not already have some. Or you could use our free VoIP Android & IOS Apps.

Managed Procurement Service

Complimentary Service: We will source anything you require in the IT space. The lowest price guaranteed!

Network Design & Installation

Complimentary Service: We will design, install & manage networks for all clients with retainer agreements

Cloud Service Management

Complimentary Service: Management of cloud services e.g: Gsuite, Exchange online, Mimecast, Azure, Teams, Onedrive, etc...

Managed IT Security Services - Value Added Service

Antivirus software, Firewalls, Security Policy Framework, VPN Security, Server Security

Service Provider & Vendor Consolidation

We consolidate all your service providers and vendors so that the only company you have to deal with tech-wise is Sensys. This takes away the headache of having to deal with every service provider on your roster as we take care of them all. You also get the benefit of best-in-class service, as we weed out the chaff from the great ones. This means you get preapproved service providers at a much lower rate due to the industry partnerships we share with them. Honestly, the possibilities are endless.


Let us tell you more about our Managed Service Provider needs

IT can be a pain. But it doesn't have to be!

In this age of growing information technology, every business needs a lasting and cost-effective tech support solution. Let us take away the hassle of everything tech so that you focus on what you do best. Give us a shout and we will be there to assist promptly with any questions on Managed Business IT Support.