Ad-hoc IT Support & Services

In need of once-off IT support or technology services? We have tailored this product specifically for you. We are always available. It's like having your own IT department, just when you need it the most. Choosing a tech support partner has never been simpler.

Price vs Quality Comparison

Our service strikes the perfect balance between price and quality. We do not compromise on quality. We only take on what we can handle, which is quite a lot, to be honest.

Step-wise Problem Solving

This service is charged hourly. We try our best not to waste any valuable time experimenting on different troubleshooting methods. We come with a tried and tested solution. Organisation and neatness are key in the computer support business!

Equipment That Works

We recommend equipment from highly reputable manufactures. This always translates to efficiency and cost-saving. We will never recommend products we would not use ourselves.

Some companies or individuals may not require a maintenance agreement for their IT support needs primarily because they have a few machines on a small network. They might therefore just need to call a computer technical assistance services center when they have a problem. They still get a lot of the benefits of clients on our managed plans minus the recursive unlimited support. Ad hoc tech support services are subject to a minimal call-out fee and hourly rate. We provide a comprehensive guarantee on all the work that we do. This means it is highly unlikely for you to call us in again for the same problem. Sensys services staff employ industry-leading techniques and we are bound by our self-set highly ethical code. This means we will not linger on projects just to squeeze as much money out of you ;-). What this implies is less downtime and more productivity for you.

All of our IT services are handled in-house. We do not outsource any of your business needs to other companies. We are well-competent in our abilities.

On Demand IT Support

On Demand Ad hoc IT Support Service Pricing

Our computer support services are industry-leading, packed with value and always up to date. We are industry innovators and not industry followers. The following is a pricing structure for all our on-demand IT support services on an ad hoc basis:

Call-Out Fee: R900 (first hour included)

Hourly Charge: R850 (from the second hour - prorated)

Ad hoc IT Service Offering:

The thought of calling out a computer support technician does not have to cause you countless headaches. We make it extremely easy by doing the following:

Budget-friendly services by using the pay-as-you-go fee structure for your IT help

Quick response attention to your IT problems to get you back on track as soon as possible following an IT problem.

We eliminate the problem of having to troubleshoot systems through our system error templates.

Remote IT support is available when required.


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Let us get you up & running & compliant in no time, & under budget.

Our promise for quality service and workmanship is set in stone for all our on-demand IT products. Go with the best to get the best!