Cloud Business Email

Managed Cloud Business Email

Work smarter and more efficiently using our hosted email platforms. We integrate with the best hosted services to bring you a world-class unparalleled service. High deliverability & automatic whitelisting on all servers.

Business Cloud Hosted Email

Take full control of what you want your email service to deliver for you. Our cloud hosted solutions help you achieve that with minimum effort. We will provide you with 2 levels of support to make sure all queries are resolved quickly. Imagine a situation where you do not get delivery of an important email because your mail service has blocked the sender and "shredded" the email. Now imagine losing business over a situation like that. With the below systems, you get multiple layers of redundancy. Mail just the way you want it. Delivered instantly and issue free.

G-Suite For Business

With this revolutionary product, you get Email, Collaboration Services, Cloud Storage and a whole host of additional business tools that will keep you business running on Autopilot. Google has a good reputation in their email offering, having pioneered various technologies that are now being adopted by other email providers.

Microsoft Exchange Online

Let Email downtime be a thing of the past with Microsoft's online hosted platform. With 50GB of email storage coming as standard, you do not need to worry about space running out. Options also include an inbuilt archiving mechanism with unlimited storage. This means old mail can be automatically archived and retrieved when needed.


Managed Exchange Online in the Cloud

Enjoy working with latest exchange server platform without having to worry about upgrading or adapting mailboxes. Security is also taken care of as inbuilt powerful spam filters, anti-malware and anti-virus software exists server side. Best of all, mail is automatically backed up onto Microsoft's servers. Other features include online storage (One Drive), send mail with attachments of up to 150MB in size, Data Loss Prevention (DLP)


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